A New Beginning!

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A New Beginning!

So nearly 2 years have gone by since I have added anything to this blog. In that time, a book has nearly been finished, another child has been created, and a new website has been launched. Overall, it has been a busy couple of years.

But now seems like a great time to relaunch this blog as well to work alongside with my site in order for me to share both written and video creations with the world as I prepare to launch forward into the next step of things.

JLM Digital Media Logo

Here is where you can find what I have been up to over the last couple of years. I will be adding more posts here on a regular basis with updates to my book, artwork, and digital video creation shortly!

And also, don’t forget to listen to the single most deranged podcast you will find online with The Devil’s Advocates Podcast


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PODCAST: The Devil’s Advocates – Episode 9 NOW AVAILABLE! (Things get SEXY!)

Part 1 of a new 3 parter begins TODAY! My wife joins us for some surprisingly x-rated conversation that could make a school boy blush. Mike comes back for some mild adventures, and we delve into the world of fetishes and awful first experiences with sex! This conversation is full of disappointment, just like your first time!
This episode contains:

  • Lewd Content
  • Mike showing up LATE
  • Our first times with the opposite gender
  • And my wife makes me seem like an innocent boy

Also, please LIKE US on our Facebook Page! Every new like fills the battery that is strapped to Ben’s nipples. The more likes, the more pain you cause him! You can also find us on, a great resource of awesome podcasts. Check us out in the comedy section!

Enjoy The Devil’s Advocates Today!

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Things sometimes get hectic…

So I am here trying to figure out what exactly to do regarding this Blog.

With the Podcast taking so much of my time, I have not had the opportunity to explore all of the other posts out there like I did earlier last month.

Not only that, but trying to balance caring for a wife, 10 month old son, and working a full time job while trying to finish a novel has been amazingly challenging.

I am proud of myself for keeping this blog super active for a month, but I am very disappointed with myself over the last couple of weeks.

For those of you who enjoy my ramblings, writings and artwork, I will be trying harder to add more here.

I also can’t wait to put up some of my first novel for people to critique and to get some feedback.

I swear, I will have more interesting things to say soon, but for now, a 10 month old child needs to be rocked to sleep.

Thanks for being patient with me.

J.L. Martin


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PODCAST: The Devil’s Advocates – Episode 8 NOW AVAILABLE!

Part two of the Marlon & Sam show is here! Come join us as we talk about the wonderful world of deadly spiders, fat on fat crime, and we deal with the concept of people who think they are more than just people.
This episode contains:

  • Shower Spider Stories
  • Why it’s ok to hate fat people
  • Otherkin/li>
  • And MORE Racism!

Also, please LIKE US on our Facebook Page! Every new like makes us stronger and more powerful than ever before. With your help we will raise an army and conquer this world! Or we will make a sandwich.You can also find us on, a great resource of awesome podcasts. Check us out in the comedy section!

Enjoy The Devil’s Advocates Today!

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Updated Cover Art


Ok, it has been WAY too long since I have posted anything here and I blame the Podcast…

But for now here is an updated version of my book art for Beyond The Black Door, which thankfully is getting closer and closer to being finished (First draft at least).

I will be back later with more entertaining stuff!-J.L. Martin-


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New Poetry: Window’s View

Window’s View

The window’s view is never true,
It seems to lie and hide from you
The reason and the truth be told
of what the window really holds.

Foggy visions in the rain
Often cloud our sight in vain.
Often times you can not see
What window’s view offers to me.

And when the snow begins to rise,
the window’s view begins to hide
The sights we once always saw.
Hidden now by icy maws.

And then the windows lose their glaze
As we pass to warmer days.
The sun streaked view we thought we lost
Has returned, but with a cost.

We must remember the view will change
Just as we do with the signs of age.
As hair goes gray and eyes go dry
The window opens as we die.

With the glass removed from our view,
We see there is still much to do.
The lies have all been pushed away,
Yet we know their is not another day.

We yell and scream and pray for more,
Yet it’s the window that is open and not the door.
The veil is lifted and now we can see
The end of days are meant to be.

I once believed what I was shown
Because it seemed the window knows
Everything there is to view,
Even if it is askew.

The outside world seems too bright
Compared to the windows light.

-J.L. Martin-

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PODCAST: The Devil’s Advocates – Episode 7 NOW AVAILABLE!

Alright, after a four episode stretch with Mike & Chris, we have finally moved on past guns and time traveling historians. This week, Marlon and Sam join us for an in depth discussion about racism and reverse racism. And we can totally get away with it because Marlon is black! Now buckle up and prepare to go down the dark road that few people are brave enough to travel…and we do it blindfolded!
This episode contains:

  • Paula Deen Folies
  • Holy Crap, actually exists
  • Why it’s ok to still tell a fat joke
  • The origins of stereotypes
  • And we find out Josh is always out of touch

Also, please LIKE US on our Facebook Page! Every new like frees another child from the bonds of hunger. Well, probably not, but it’s not like they are any MORE hungry if you like us!

We are now featured on, a great resource of awesome podcasts. Check us out in the comedy section!

Enjoy The Devil’s Advocates Today!

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Weekend Shoutouts!

The last week has been difficult for me to keep up on a more regular daily blog post, but most of that time has been going towards work on my Podcast, The Devil’s Advocates.
Also, my writing has finally been given a bit more time, so I will be putting some info about the soon to be finished first draft of Beyond The Black Door on here very soon.

Which brings me to this weeks Shout Out!


These fine folks are a great community of like minded souls who share the love of spreading the good word of entertainment to anyone who wants to listen.

They have a great collection of podcasts that range from funny to zany to informative.

If you enjoy podcasts, definitely check these fine folks out and give their facebook page a good ol’ fashion like!If you don’t listen to podcasts…what are you, some kind of savage listening to CD’s and FM radio?!

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6 Reasons I Procrastinate When Writing:

6 Reasons I Procrastinate When Writing:

1) Damn, when did I get so fat!
It’s time to sit down and get some writing down when suddenly my eyes wander over to the mirror leaning against the wall across the room. I see the oval like curve of my torso and realize that RIGHT NOW is when I need to start exercising. But, fear not, while I am out for a run, I am sure to work on some really good ideas to put down as soon as I get back!

2) Okay, time to get to business…but first, a snack!
Okay, runs over and some fresh ideas have floated to the top of my brain meats. Now is totally prime time to get this stuff down on paper, but before I sit down, I need to recharge. Hmm, should I go with the apple and a water or full-blown kitchen explosive snack fest?

3) Well, I can’t just leave this mess here now can I?
The snack fest left quite the mess. It would be much easier if I just go ahead and clean all of this up before I get lost in what I am sure is going to be hours of creative wonderment. Now if only I could find that cleaner…

4) Well, might as well clean up the rest of the kitchen while I’m at it!
I mean, that floor isn’t going to sweep itself, and really…when exactly WAS the last time I gave the linoleum a good scrub. Don’t worry, not only will I be cleaning the home, I will also be cleaning my mind and working out some great plot points for the protagonist. And let me tell you, what I have worked out in my head is AMAZING! I can’t wait to get it on paper!

5) Okay, I am back at my desk…and how the hell did I let it get so unorganized!
Just a few more minutes, that is all I need to ensure that my workspace is a Zen paradise. This will encourage not only a creative flow, but the simplistic arrangement of my pens and pencils will only act as a reminder of how important it is to stay focused on the craft.

6) Alright, I am totally focused and ready to go…what’s that?
The door opens and my son and wife enter the room. They have returned from a day out at the park and Mommy is ready for a little break. No problem at all I say as I look longingly at the blank text page and the ominous blinking cursor. Well at least I have enough time to crank out a quick list…Don’t worry, after everyone is asleep I will totally get this page done!

Really…I will…
J.L. Martin

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