30 Jun

Well, my blog is still fairly newborn and developing. Thankfully I still have a backlog of old items to continue pumping into this thing while I formulate some new rough cut diamonds.

I am slowly starting to create a format for this blog along with a weekly schedule of events.

Sundays will from now on be my established SHOUT OUT day.  I will be listing some of my favorite Blogs, websites, local bands, and otherwise indie style people trying to get their name out there.

This week I will start with a SHOUT OUT to my friend and co-host of my Podcast Ben Erling.

You can find his music, and many other items he works on here:

Here you will find wonders such as his “Break out” album, “Nightlight”
The tracks are a combination of pain fueled piano sobering melodies, guitar thrashing anger filled screams, and tender moments of care
Buy it on iTunes or get it for FREE on his bandcamp site. All I ask is you leave him a nice note if you like it, or an angry letter if you hate it!
You will also find a link to our wonderfully “Not Safe For Work”, explitive fueled Podcast, The Devil’s Advocates
Come, burn away your braincells in hell listening to us ramble on about everything from politics, natural disasters, conspiracy, the woes of middleclass life, and a variety of topics not safe for children’s ears. If you are in the mood for crass humor and a twisted look at life, give it a listen!

So there is the random shout out for the week. If you would like to be a Weekend Shoutout, send me an email and I would be happy to promote pretty much anything you have to offer!

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