A Plea For Attention!

20 Jul

The person that I co-host my podcast with just posted this on his Facebook page and I felt I needed to share it here. Normally he is not a “heartfelt” person, but this is one of the few projects that we have gotten involved with that we have actually put a lot of effort into.

As he says below, our humor is not for everyone, but if you do find time to give us a listen, please leave us a note or a rating. Every little bit helps!

And to everyone who has listened or thought about giving us a chance, thank you very much for your support!

A Message from my Co-Host Ben: (The Devil’s Advocates Podcast)

OK, I’m going to put this out there: getting a podcast off the ground (people besides your friends listening) is damn near impossible. There’s already too many podcasts, most of them suck, and no one wants to try a new one.

That said, our podcast, “The Devil’s Advocates,” is showing signs of growing beyond our friends. The numbers are actually rising, but I feel like we’re at that point where if we’re going to break through into something more than goofing around, this is when we need to really try.

I’m honestly, humbly and annoyingly begging all of you: if you haven’t given it a shot yet, please do. Start with episode 5, it’s quite amusing. If you enjoy it then please, PLEASE tell your friends or like the Facebook page or share a post or subscribe to it or something. Josh Martin and I have some good ideas and plans on the horizon on how to improve the show (more estrogen, local groups and guests, more and better microphones) and those things are coming soon, but a lot of our really good ideas require us to have a certain number of listeners to really make them happen.

When we started the podcast, our expectations were low, probably like our parents when we were born. Our meager goal was to start with around 10 listeners, because we’re losers, and grow a little bit each week. We thought if we could get to 50 listeners each week, that would be pretty cool… and if we could get to 100 listeners each week, we’d feel like this might really be something we want to do for the long haul. Let’s just say for now we’re feeling pretty cool, and we’re thinking it’s now realistic that we might soon know that we want to do this for a while.

Please give us a chance. I know our strange conversations and twisted humor are not for everyone, but I think we’re starting to get our footing with understanding what works and what doesn’t. I think you’ll see that in coming episodes, especially 7 and 8. I am humbly begging for your help, just give us a chance. Episodes are only 30 minutes. The feedback we have gotten from complete strangers indicates that we are getting better at it and that people are really enjoying it now. Thanks to Ross and Trousered Apes for their belief and help in this (check them out off the link on our site) and thanks to Michael for being one of our favorite polarizing guests… and please, if any of you want to ever come on or call in to the podcast for any reason… to promote, to disagree, or just to chat- it’s done. Just ask me. We’ll promote anything you want on the podcast and the website… and the website gets a ton of traffic.

If this podcast succeeds, I want it to be a victory that we all get to share. Not just me and Josh, but all of you guys for sticking with us and sharing it. If we ever grew to be something more than what it is now, you would all be a part of this community and you would help shape what the show becomes. That’s what I hope for, and I hope you’ll help us make it happen. Thank you to everyone who checked it out so far, I appreciate it more than I tell you.

I will now resume penis and vagina


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2 responses to “A Plea For Attention!

  1. Meka

    July 21, 2013 at 1:39 am

    Ok! I’ll check it out. Good luck, and thanks for sharing.

    • jlmartindesigns

      July 21, 2013 at 6:05 am

      Thank you very much! The first couple episodes are pretty much good ol’ fashion potty humor, but the episodes moving forward actually have some structure. Thanks for giving us a chance!


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