6 Reasons I Procrastinate When Writing:

25 Jul

6 Reasons I Procrastinate When Writing:

1) Damn, when did I get so fat!
It’s time to sit down and get some writing down when suddenly my eyes wander over to the mirror leaning against the wall across the room. I see the oval like curve of my torso and realize that RIGHT NOW is when I need to start exercising. But, fear not, while I am out for a run, I am sure to work on some really good ideas to put down as soon as I get back!

2) Okay, time to get to business…but first, a snack!
Okay, runs over and some fresh ideas have floated to the top of my brain meats. Now is totally prime time to get this stuff down on paper, but before I sit down, I need to recharge. Hmm, should I go with the apple and a water or full-blown kitchen explosive snack fest?

3) Well, I can’t just leave this mess here now can I?
The snack fest left quite the mess. It would be much easier if I just go ahead and clean all of this up before I get lost in what I am sure is going to be hours of creative wonderment. Now if only I could find that cleaner…

4) Well, might as well clean up the rest of the kitchen while I’m at it!
I mean, that floor isn’t going to sweep itself, and really…when exactly WAS the last time I gave the linoleum a good scrub. Don’t worry, not only will I be cleaning the home, I will also be cleaning my mind and working out some great plot points for the protagonist. And let me tell you, what I have worked out in my head is AMAZING! I can’t wait to get it on paper!

5) Okay, I am back at my desk…and how the hell did I let it get so unorganized!
Just a few more minutes, that is all I need to ensure that my workspace is a Zen paradise. This will encourage not only a creative flow, but the simplistic arrangement of my pens and pencils will only act as a reminder of how important it is to stay focused on the craft.

6) Alright, I am totally focused and ready to go…what’s that?
The door opens and my son and wife enter the room. They have returned from a day out at the park and Mommy is ready for a little break. No problem at all I say as I look longingly at the blank text page and the ominous blinking cursor. Well at least I have enough time to crank out a quick list…Don’t worry, after everyone is asleep I will totally get this page done!

Really…I will…
J.L. Martin

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