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Weekend Shoutouts!

The last week has been difficult for me to keep up on a more regular daily blog post, but most of that time has been going towards work on my Podcast, The Devil’s Advocates.
Also, my writing has finally been given a bit more time, so I will be putting some info about the soon to be finished first draft of Beyond The Black Door on here very soon.

Which brings me to this weeks Shout Out!


These fine folks are a great community of like minded souls who share the love of spreading the good word of entertainment to anyone who wants to listen.

They have a great collection of podcasts that range from funny to zany to informative.

If you enjoy podcasts, definitely check these fine folks out and give their facebook page a good ol’ fashion like!If you don’t listen to podcasts…what are you, some kind of savage listening to CD’s and FM radio?!

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Weekend Shoutouts!

This weekend, I would like to take a moment and send some attention over to a great progressive voice by the name of Wes Brown.


He hosts a radio show and podcast that speaks out to all us “Dirty liberal hippies” who like to hear a little bit of reason once in a while.

If you enjoy a show that cuts through a lot of the BS in the world, I suggest giving this podcast a shot, and if you are in the local area I would say give the radio show a listen too!

So Wes, From the east coast, we say KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!

Follow him at:

The Wes Brown Show


Via Twitter @thewesbrownshow

If you would like to be a Weekend Shoutout, contact me and let me know. That is all it takes!

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NEW PODCAST! “The Devil’s Advocates” has arrived (Episode 1)

Yes, what everyone needs now is ANOTHER podcast floating around this world.

Myself and my esteemed colleague have been working on this project for a few months now and it is finally ready to be released upon the world!

If you are interested in giggling over the most horrible of life’s experiences, finding humor in tragedy, and thinking…”Hey, we need to hear a more cerebral Bevis & Butthead”, than you may enjoy wasting about 30 minutes of your life with us.

Download us on iTunes and listen to us on your ride to work! It’s probably better than most talk radio at least.

Please be kind and give us a try and whether you love it or hate it, leave a comment and let us know how you feel!

                                 We Are The Devil’s Advocates!

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