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Things sometimes get hectic…

So I am here trying to figure out what exactly to do regarding this Blog.

With the Podcast taking so much of my time, I have not had the opportunity to explore all of the other posts out there like I did earlier last month.

Not only that, but trying to balance caring for a wife, 10 month old son, and working a full time job while trying to finish a novel has been amazingly challenging.

I am proud of myself for keeping this blog super active for a month, but I am very disappointed with myself over the last couple of weeks.

For those of you who enjoy my ramblings, writings and artwork, I will be trying harder to add more here.

I also can’t wait to put up some of my first novel for people to critique and to get some feedback.

I swear, I will have more interesting things to say soon, but for now, a 10 month old child needs to be rocked to sleep.

Thanks for being patient with me.

J.L. Martin


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6 Reasons I Procrastinate When Writing:

6 Reasons I Procrastinate When Writing:

1) Damn, when did I get so fat!
It’s time to sit down and get some writing down when suddenly my eyes wander over to the mirror leaning against the wall across the room. I see the oval like curve of my torso and realize that RIGHT NOW is when I need to start exercising. But, fear not, while I am out for a run, I am sure to work on some really good ideas to put down as soon as I get back!

2) Okay, time to get to business…but first, a snack!
Okay, runs over and some fresh ideas have floated to the top of my brain meats. Now is totally prime time to get this stuff down on paper, but before I sit down, I need to recharge. Hmm, should I go with the apple and a water or full-blown kitchen explosive snack fest?

3) Well, I can’t just leave this mess here now can I?
The snack fest left quite the mess. It would be much easier if I just go ahead and clean all of this up before I get lost in what I am sure is going to be hours of creative wonderment. Now if only I could find that cleaner…

4) Well, might as well clean up the rest of the kitchen while I’m at it!
I mean, that floor isn’t going to sweep itself, and really…when exactly WAS the last time I gave the linoleum a good scrub. Don’t worry, not only will I be cleaning the home, I will also be cleaning my mind and working out some great plot points for the protagonist. And let me tell you, what I have worked out in my head is AMAZING! I can’t wait to get it on paper!

5) Okay, I am back at my desk…and how the hell did I let it get so unorganized!
Just a few more minutes, that is all I need to ensure that my workspace is a Zen paradise. This will encourage not only a creative flow, but the simplistic arrangement of my pens and pencils will only act as a reminder of how important it is to stay focused on the craft.

6) Alright, I am totally focused and ready to go…what’s that?
The door opens and my son and wife enter the room. They have returned from a day out at the park and Mommy is ready for a little break. No problem at all I say as I look longingly at the blank text page and the ominous blinking cursor. Well at least I have enough time to crank out a quick list…Don’t worry, after everyone is asleep I will totally get this page done!

Really…I will…
J.L. Martin

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New Poetry: Zirconium Tears

Zirconium Tears

The rain clouds the tears
As the test begins anew.
Sincerity crosses over eyes,
But crossed eyed views
Hold longer still.

Void in the heart
As the pain breaks like
Waves cresting in the night
Ocean. And all I can do
Is watch.

Once again, strength was
Tossed onto another’s shoulder
Only to be bucked off
Leaving you alone
And afraid.

Broken promises kept
Me coming back to this moment
As I watch those crystals form
Under your eyes.
The dark lies.

The numbness that spreads
Has tried to creep into
My own heart, and it nearly
Took root. But I chose to
Hold it back.

I will not be numb
Like you. I will not
Let Zirconium tears fall
From my eyes and run down
My face.

I Trusted You
Echoed through my ears
As you walked away.
Only then did I realize
You never did.

– J.L. Martin –


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New Book Cover Art

I have been taking a short break from writing and have begun working again on some new cover designs for a couple of my current projects.

This first one is for my nearly complete first draft: “Beyond The Black Door”

This second on is for a re-write I am doing of a halfway complete draft: “The Dark Light”
BookCover_TheDarkLightPlease let me know what you think!

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New Poetry: Concerning Lost Faith

Concerning Lost Faith
An Open Letter To Robert Frost

My dearest friend, I must relate to you
This feeling that of utter gloom upon
The pages of your darkened witches brew.
Because of your craft, my faith is now gone.

You see, humanity has passed its course,
And your views on Universal Design
Has left me empty and without remorse;
Is it true that we can not be refined?

Your friend Trilling* once said of your inner
Thoughts, that you…you were a man of terror.
In youth these thoughts I could not decipher.
In age I hold your words to a mirror.

Of paths once taken, never to look back,
You took a hard road, and not one of horn.
It is not the mended walls that I lack!
Many a good neighbors have been born.

I write you now, to ask you this one thing.
To find the truth hidden deep in your head.
Was terror what you were trying to sing?
To put nightmares in those curled in their beds?

If this was the case, with me you had done
What you have aimed to do. Your words of fire
And ice have left me in a world far from
What I would hope for or ever desire.

– J.L. Martin –
(* Lionel Trilling was a critic who called Frost’s works “terrifying” at a birthday celebration of his)

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New Poetry: Hindsight

I stand before you now.
A whole, a part, apart
from those I hold onto,
Separated from dreams,
And from Reality
I Stand alone gripping
My worst fears. An expansion
Before me, and expanse behind.
If only I could have
Vision twenty-twenty
Hind-sight. The blurred image
Of the past reminds me
What I left behind, the
Life mediocrity,
My fear to explore this
Unknown. What if there is
No-one on the other
Side of this endeavor?
What if all I left behind
Is gone for good? Tell me,
Will this forever caste me
As a new being, to
Never be recognized
By ones I used to love.
That they might see my
Success as betrayal.
I feel cold blue eyes,
Color of winter ice
Bore into my vision.
My current footing, held
Fast in what I regret.
What is truth, what is lie?
The fear of truth upon
Falsity is far too
Strong for me to bear on
This journey that I heed.
Darkness ahead makes me
Delay, makes me doubtful
I can actually take that
First step. The icy eyes
They stare at me like stars
Long dead, yet still shining
Their prophetic warnings.
I warn you now, dear friends
Do not stare into them
For too long, you may find
Your path clouded as well.
Thus is my journey not yet
Begun, for fear of what
Lies beyond, what lies ahead.
I have been the first to
Venture farther from the
Safety of the nest I
Call home, yet there is
More for me to explore.
I must steer away from
Those eyes of regret
Those eyes of hindsight and
The veil that they cast
Of wrong turns and choices
Ill made. I take that step.


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Poem: Power Held


Memories of times long since grown cold
run ragged around the shadows of my mind.


I look to the sky and watch
as rain falls.


Crumbled ruins scatter about
and I am alone again.


Strength once flowed through these hands.
Cracked fingers and broken nails.


The sword sits, cast aside like
all the othe relics of my past.


I bide my time as I watch the
power fade from what remains.


-J.L. Martin

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New Short Story: I, Stalker Part 1

Hello again avid readers!

I have released another one of my morbid mind creations upon the world.  This week’s tale is “I, Stalker: Part 1”.

This is a tale about a man who sees life through a different set of eyes than most.  To him, the world must be made better and he is definitely up for the job!

If you enjoy odd horror stories with a splash of shock value, give it a read and leave a comment!

I, Stalker: Part 1

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New Short Story: Dismay

Hello once again avid readers!

Another one of my older pieces has been uploaded for your reading pleasure.

I wrote this about 6 and a half years ago. It basically became the first inspiration for my current work “Beyond The Black Door” that will hopefully be entering revision mode later next month.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this venture into the depth of my mind.


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